On September 7, Apple held a special event in which they launched three new products – the iPhone 7, the AirPod earphones, and the Apple Watch Series 2. And for us here at AppleWatchTechPro, another of Apple’s products that deserves just as much attention as the iPhone 7 is the Apple Watch 2. The company has improved many of the watches’ previous capabilities so it comes packed with a ton of new features, too. Last year saw the launch of the first Apple Watch a smartwatch designed for fitness conscious individuals. This time around, Apple has come out with Series 2. Let’s see what features this smartwatch packs under its miniature frame.



The original Apple Watch was marketed as being waterproof but it really was not. Sure, you could put it in a glass of water and nothing will happen to it. You could even walk in the rain and the smartwatch will not be destroyed, unlike many other electronics.

However, that was the extent of its “waterproof” capabilities. The Apple Watch 2 is taking it up a notch, making it “swimproof.”

The Watch Series 2 is meant not only for joggers, but for swimmers too. As a result, this watch is water resistant up to a depth of 50 m., so you can swim with this on.

Apple Watch 2

Apple wants to bring swimmers into the fold by tracking their fitness, calculating their speed, and measuring the amount of calories burnt. It even comes with two swimming modes (‘swim’ and ‘open water swim’).



Although the first Apple Watch was geared for fitness, it lacked built-in GPS functionality. This meant that joggers had no clue where they were if they decided to trek through unknown terrain.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Edition

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Edition

In the past, fitness enthusiasts had to bring along their iPhone for tracking their run, which was quite troublesome. Apple hit the drawing board and this time around, previous Apple Watch 2 rumors were proved true. The new Apple Watch now features GPS capabilities.

This means that you only have to wear this smartwatch on your next run and go anywhere you like without ever worrying about losing your way. You can run to your heart’s content and be rest assured that the Watch will track your entire path and help you get back home safely. This makes it an actual sportswatch.


Apple Watch 2 Hardware

As with any new version or model, the Apple Watch 2 has significant hardware improvements over its predecessor. Watch Series 2 houses a dual-core processor, making it 50% faster than the previous generation of Apple smartwatches. It also accommodates a new GPU that promises to double the graphical performance, making visuals more vibrant and pop out.


Apple Watch 2 Display

The Apple Watch 2 has a much brighter screen, making it easier to read. It is actually twice as bright as its predecessor, so massive improvements have been made in this regard. Apple Watch 2 sizes are also available. What does this mean? Easier to read in dark environments and in very bright sunlight, too.


apple watch series 2

Apple Watch 2 Software

The new Apple Watch comes equipped with WatchOS 3, a very speed operating system. How speedy? It is able to launch apps 7 times faster. Furthermore, it allows for faster switching between watch faces and has new and improved messaging. The OS will allow you to share your activity with friends to motivate each other, and comes packed with a Breathe app to help you hold your deep breathing exercises.

Moreover, the smartwatch comes bundled with a Pokémon Go app, to keep you chasing after your favorite Pokémon. As you chase to catch ‘em all, the Watch will measure how much you ran and how many calories you burnt. Even a Pokémon master has to get their exercise.

Apple Watch 2 release date has already come and gone. The device will be available from Apple Stores beginning September 16. Apple Watch Series 2 will retail at $369 on launch.