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What’s a smartwatch without respectable apps?   Nothing, and Apple knows that. That is precisely the reason why the company brought ...

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What’s a smartwatch without respectable apps?   Nothing, and Apple knows that. That is precisely the reason why the company brought in high-profile third-party developers, and gathered them in a secret testing facility for Apple Watch apps in Cupertino, the tech giant’s headquarters.

The result is Apple Watch: A smartwatch that is just that, the most ideal accessory designed for quick-glance updates and fast interactions. Smart.

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Recently, at the  Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook took center stage to demonstrate some of the apps that these top developers have been working on.

Here are some of the Apple Watch apps to watch out for with the new Apple Smartwatch.

Apple Watch Apps


Todoist took advantage of the shape of the screen as well as the digital crown of Apple smartwatch.  The application is an easy to use to-do list app that supports list making, voice control and a multitude of other features.

An extension of the free Todoist iPhone app, it syncs with the cloud, permits collaborative to-do lists, and manages productivity and efficiency.  Todoist has created a version of the app for Google’s Android Wear smartwatches as well.


Using an in-built microphone, Shazam on the Apple smartwatch can listen to what’s playing in the background and identifies the music playing accurately.


Apple Watch will enable BMW i8 and i3 owners to remotely locate their cars (do you often forget where you parked?), open the doors and see their charging levels directly from the watch.  A similar app from BMW has been developed for the iPhone and Android and for Samsung’s Gear smartwatch as well.  The app can control the car‘s temperature and set up satellite navigation for intended destinations.


The Instagram app notifies users of likes and comments on photos posted on the photo sharing site.  This app was developed by parent company Facebook and connects to the Apple Watch Apps via the iPhone app.  It can also pull a feed of photos (albeit small) from the wearer’s Instagram timeline, and gives notifications for new photos that are posted by selected users.


This app acts as extension to the iPhone Twitter app.  This allows people to see new tweets and direct message alerts.  Twitter’s app makes this possible straight from the wrists of Apple Smartwatch users.

United Airlines

This app for the Apple Watch designed by United Airlines will tell users the exact boarding time and the boarding gates to go to, as well as display their boarding pass.  It pulls the data from the United Airline iPhone app. 


Apple Watch apps:Uber on Apple Watch

The Uber app on the Apple Watch. Photograph: Apple

Apple Watch apps This app allows Uber users to monitor their booked taxi and tracks the actual distance and gives users an idea how far away it is at a given time without having to make a call from their iPhone.  It gives notifications too when a taxi has arrived and ready for pick up.


Mailbox, recently bought by cloud storage service Dropbox, developed an app that makes access to Gmail and other email providers quicker and easier.  This feature is also an extension of the popular iPhone app made by the company.

Apple Watch Sport Collection

Apple Watch Sport Collection


The application by Nike is one of the first Apple Watch Apps catering to fitness fans. The app is a natural result of the long-time partnership between Nike and Apple, since the beginning of Nike + iPod.  It connects to the Nike Fuel system as well as Apple’s Heath app.  The top sports brand recently stopped its fitness tracker; Nike’s FuelBand and has become dependent on apps available for Samsung and Google’s smartwatches.


Interaction with Apple Watch is made even easier with Siri.  The experience will be like talking to a a fellow human just like on iPhone. Apple Watch user will only have to raise their wrist and say a command or a question. The app gives you your location and the shortest route and travel time to requested destinations such as restaurants and shops.


Apple Watch shows real-time stats during your dedicated cardio training sessions.  The Smartwatch will provide information such as time, distance, calories, pace and speed. Users can also choose from popular workouts like running, walking, cycling and more.


Another of the built in Apple Watch apps. Passbook features including providing a secure place to stash boarding passes, tickets, and even loyalty cards.  Apple Watch sends you alerts when you have earned enough credits and it’s time to use them.

Now, all the information that you need and to-do tasks will be available at a glance of your wrist.  This coming 24 April, interacting with what’s going on around you and the world has just become easier with Apple Watch apps.