Apple Watch edition-2015

Apple Watch: Ground-breaking technology, or an expensive frivolity? Tim Cook bets big on Apple’s future with new Smartwatch products as we take a look at the Apple Watch Fetaures.

Apple’s smartwatch had been a topic of speculations for a long time, till the company decided to reveal it last year. Apple announced the Apple Watch with its new flagship smartphones last year, it’s bold new move to enter a whole new product segment after the iPad. The Apple Watch is all set to hit retail shelves by the end of April.

Smartwatches aren’t new anymore, especially with a number of manufacturers shipping their versions even before Apple could launch its own.

While these smartwatches have been playing the hit and trial way, the Apple Watch features an elegant design combined with innovative new features we haven’t seen on typical smartwatches from Samsung, LG, or others till now.


Apple Watch Features: Design

A watch is a personal device for anyone. Apple understands it, and therefore the company designed a broad array of bands and variants that could meet different requirements. Watches are also more of a fashion statement for many, and this is where the Apple Watch scores points. To start with, the Apple Watch comes in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm. This ensures it fits with a maximum number of wrists.

That’s not all, Apple Watch features have been built using custom alloys comprising of aluminium and stainless steel. There’s a high-end version called the Watch Edition which is made with Apple’s unique method of building a gold case, with 18-karat yellow and rose gold colours. The smartwatch can resist daily wear and tear, and can also handle a bit of water resistance.

Apple Watch Edition Sideview

Apple Watch Technology

Apple has built the Watch with extremely high precision, with a user experience that no other smartwatch in the market can match right now. The Apple Watch features a digital crown that can offer a wide number of features like scrolling, pinch to zoom, navigating in Apple Watch Apps, and others. The crown makes the smartwatch feel as if it was a regular mechanical watch. Apple built a new operating system for the smartwatch called Watch OS.

The display on the Apple Watch is the company’s patented Retina Display that brings great clarity, and high pixel density to make things appear a lot more beautiful. The display still remains energy efficient, allow consumers to make the smartwatch last a complete day on a full charge. The Apple Watch features a display that is strong enough to resist minor day to day scratches.

Apple Watch on Wrist

Apple Watch Features: Connectivity

A smartwatch cannot be called so if it doesn’t come with some innovative connectivity features. The Apple Watch brings a bunch of new ways to seamlessly connect with your friends and relatives while on the move.

These features are short, simple, and could come handy in certain ways. Firstly, there’s a very easy way to navigate across the interface to reach out to your favourite contacts on the Apple Watch. This allows you to send messages, or place a quick call.

Apple Watch also allows users to share quick sketches to other Apple Watch owners. The recipient shall receive the sketch, and will also be able to view the animation of your exact drawing.

Users can even send customised taps to other Apple Watch users, making it the quickest form of communication on any smartwatch. Apple Watch will also allow users to share their heartbeat with other Apple Watch owners using the in-built heart rate sensor.

Apple Watch Sport Collection

Fitness, Health and Beyond

Apple Watch features enough fitness applications to make potential customers ditch their fitness bands. Over the course of time, fitness enthusiasts have been using several fitness bands to track their daily activities. Apple Watch can now do all that, and even more using its sensors and range of apps. The Activity app on the Apple Watch can also sense if you’ve been sitting on your chair for too long, and can prompt you with a minor vibration to tell you it’s time to move around.

Apart from that, Apple Watch will track all your physical activity like running, walking, and others, The Workout app on the Apple Watch will display real-time statistics of your daily activities. Since the watch is water resistant, you don’t have to worry about sweating it out while wearing the smartwatch in the gym.

The Apple Watch also has an in-built heart rate monitor that can help you track your heart rate in real-time while you’re working out. What do you think of all the Apple Watch features covered above? – Share your thoughts in the comments section below!