After last Friday’s delivery of the Apple Watch,  Apple geared up to allay fears that are welling among its customers.  The company’s newest product has been hit hard by supply chain problems that have led to delays in orders being delivered. “We are working very, very hard” insiders quoted CFO Luca Maestri, hoping to calm jitters and assure everybody that the balance between the supply and delivery commitments would be achieved come June.

Social media has been abuzz since Friday when Apple Watches were beginning to arrive at the addresses of customers lucky enough to be on the first batch of arrivals.

“It’s been really great to see the reactions of customers” an obviously elated Apple CEO Tim Cook said, having seen the reaction on social media. He added “The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” referring to the social media frenzy.

Apple Watch Display

Until now nobody has spoken about the cause of what seems to be a case of under-delivery, although it is beginning to correct itself as delivery schedules have been adjusted to a much earlier date.

These adjustments in delivery indicates that the problem lie with third party suppliers rather than Apple Watch production itself.  A quick look at the delivery schedule would point to the lack of bands, either the style or a particular color.  To illustrate; if the band is green it is available in “two to four weeks” but this is not true to most colors where deliveries are scheduled to arrive in May.

The contractors of the unavailable component like bands, buckles and other accessories are most likely to correct the glitch, much sooner than later. And the waiting time would definitely shorten and ease the agony of getting suspended for too long. When this happens Apple Watch buyers would have more reason to smile.  For now buyers are assured that their new gadgets will be ariving soon, Apple Watch after all has a CFO who is a very hard worker.