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The App Store for the just launched Apple Watch is now open and already has over 3000 apps available to choose from. Apple’s third branch of its app store after those for the iPhone and iPad, went live just before the Cuepertino Giants latest product became available to consumers worldwide.

Apple watch has already single handedly raised the profile of wearable tech and industry analysts predict that the Apple Watch app store will surely match the two existing stores quite quickly.

That being said, there were reports of waiting times of up between four to six months already for the device, although those who were lucky enough to pre-order were actually reciving their watches earlier than expected.

Staying true to form, Apple has issued guidelines to developers that any interactions with apps should last no longer than 10 seconds. The new device has been designed to provide clear and concise updates without disrupting your current tasks, but some developers feel that the Tech giant may also be trying to protect the device’s battery life.

Uber on Apple Watch

Uber on Apple Watch

Whatever the reason, the quality and user experience of Apple Watch Apps will determine whether Apple has once again hit the jackpot with a product that is simply better than what it’s main rivals are offering.

Most Apps for the Apple Watch will be extensions of existing iPhone apps, with the smaller device restricted by its screen size. The fact that the watch is an extension of the iPhone itself also means that apps on both sets of hardware will compliment each other and result in a better user experience.

TechCrunch had a report on some leaked images of what some of the popular iPhone apps look like on the Apple Watch. See the images below for a cross section of what you can expect to see on your wrist soon:( all image rights belong to TechCrunch)

Apple Watch Apps Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Apple Watch Apps uber


Apple Watch Apps twitter


Apple Watch Apps starbucks


Apple Watch Apps - Yelp


Apple Watch Apps - shazam


Apple Watch Apps - pandora


Apple Watch Apps - mint


Apple Watch Apps - Instagram


Apple Watch Apps - delta

Delta: Many Airlines will have an app to keep travellers updated.

Apple Watch Apps - espn

ESPN: Sports apps should be popular as fan keep up to date with scores and live commentary.

Apple Watch Apps - 1password