Yahoo, now the owner of free mobile analytics service, FLURRY Analytics, has announced that it is introducing the support of Apple Watch analytics to the service.

This step shall allow the developers who work on developing applications for Apple Watch have to understand its nature that is different altogether from the smartphones.

Due to its hardware nature, Apple Watch is made to give its users quick summarized information; it is not meant for long browsing or computing sessions. Developers have to get a clear insight about the most common user’s use of the Apple Watch so that they can design their applications in the way that servers the users’ need in the best means.

The newly introduced metrics for Apple Watch shall allow the developers to get clear figures about the new users, active users, the total number of event occurrences by day, the daily average event occurrences, daily average unique users of an event, and the percentage of users of an application engaging with the watch extension.

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Because the Apple Watch represents a very new platform for everybody, no one yet knows how people will use such device. Developers have to know information such as the number of users of a watch as well as the acceptable number of notifications applications should send to the users.

This is so as to not trigger the users’ annoyance in addition to some information about how much time the users spend on their Watch compared to their phone as well as other things.

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Such understanding of the nature of the users behaviours using the Apple Watch shall not only help developers build useful applications, but will also give them the right information to build such applications in the right way to make the most of the available hardware capabilities efficiently.

Let us for example consider the case if an Apple Watch application exceeded the memory limit, it would just crash even if it happened for a short period of time. Therefore, due to this memory restriction nature, applications developers have to be very much selective in terms of their functionality so that they offer the user exactly what he or she needs and nothing more; at least not much more otherwise it will end up with a crashing application.