When Apple started rolling out its first display of Apple Watch, it already had around 3 500 third party apps as part of its arsenal and it included some of the biggest names in the industry, like Twitter and Instagram.  But the absence of Google was most noteworthy, as it is hard to miss a giant not riding on what pundits described as “currently the biggest wave” in technology.

But in just over a month or so, the repellent stance of the two technology giants just changed, as the search giant has just released its first Apple Watch app: “Google News and Weather”.

Who blinked first, many observers are wondering as Google is known to be protective of its Android Wear platform which is in direct competition with Apple Watch.  The softening may not be much as the app is not as popular as Google Maps, but this move is indicative that they cannot continue to ignore each other’s presence.  A move such as this from the two tech mainstays is demonstrative of a realization, that consumer demand is primary.

The introduction of a Google app on Apple Watch is just for starters and it has already served its primary purpose, to break the ice.  And the recent move could be Google’s trial balloon to feel what the weather is like at Apple’s side of the fence.  What comes after is more exciting as possibilities are far-ranging including Google bringing in more apps for Apple Watch in the coming days.

Google News & Weather Apple Watch App

Apple Watch owners will find the Google app useful as they are given access to literally thousands of news snippets categorized in several headings like Technology, Weather, and Sports.  These categories can be user-defined and are easily customized to fit the most unique user preference.   Categories are not limited to the more traditional news sections, as customization allows access to local news of the more remote regions, and of course, the weather.

This app however does not compare (not for now, at least) to the traditional news sources.  It is meant to be a “news at a glance” app, giving bits and pieces of information to the wearer of what is a worthy read later in the day.  Download this app on your Apple Watch, who knows the next headline might read “Apple, Google mulling over…”