volkswagen car net app Volkswagen automotive group has revealed that the owners of some of its models will now be able to control and monitor their car directly from their Apple Watch.

Now, Volkswagen cars owners can remotely check the status of doors, windows, speed, fuel or charge level. In addition, they can lock or unlock doors just from their Apple Watch. The service is part of Volkwagen’s VW Care Net service provided to VW owners and has now been extended onto the Apple Watch platform.

If you forget where you parked your car and want to find it, you can get a map to the location of your car along with driving and walking routes and directions with full navigation guidance from your wrist with Apple Watch. In addition, you can also remotely sound the horn and flash the lights of your car, so that it appears clearly for you among all the waiting cars in the parking. Moreover, in busy nieghbourhoods or built-up areas, drivers can receive alerts about local speed limits and restrictions.

Volkwagens Apple Watch app also shows the vehicle’s location which enables you to monitor whoever will be driving your car. From fleet management to monitoring a teenager who has borrowed the family car, it’s all possible via the watch.

volkswagen car net app  Apple WatchRemotely as well, you can check the fuel level of your gasoline engine Volkswagen car. In the same way for the electric engine versions of Volkswagen cars, you can remotely check the charge level with the ability to turn on and off the car charging.

Owners of Volkswagen cars that are equipped with the Car-Net® platform will be able to enjoy all these features not only on the Apple Watch, but also on a wide range of the popular smartphones.


The Volkswagen group is also working on making the Car-Net® app available for many devices so that every customer who owns a Volkswagen car with a Car-Net® platform can find an easy way to remotely control and monitor his or her car.