Apple’s WWDC has always brought a lot of new products and OS enhancements from the Cupertino-based company. And this year’s event was no different too. Apple revealed major changes to the operating systems across their complete product line-up, including WatchOS 3.0 for the Apple Watch.

The WatchOS will soon get its third update and will come with some new features. Five of the newest WatchOS 3.0 features are mentioned below-


  1. Watch Faces with Activity Tracking

Gone are the days when you had to dig into different options on that tiny screen to come across your activity data. The WatchOS 3.0 update will make everything much more accessible by displaying all the activity data on the watch face.

The new software will have a variety of new watch faces to implement the new feature. Most noteworthy, Apple has also added activity tracking for wheelchairs users. Activity tracking will swap “Time to Stand” with “Time to Roll” and will also be enabled to track other movements on a wheelchair.

  1. Control Centre

Apple WatchOS control Centre

The control Centre has finally made its way to the WatchOS 3.0. The display will make toggling different options a lot faster and easier. Just like on iOS, you will need to swipe up from the bottom and it will come up with a few buttons and toggles.

With the new feature, you won’t need to swipe all the way through multiple tabs to access a single toggle.

The Control Centre will come with battery life indicator, toggles for flight mode, and DND. It will also have night shift, screen lock and sound mode.

  1. Emergency Button

Apple WatchOS SOS Mode

The side button on the Apple Watch will now also work as an emergency call button. As a result, Watch owners can use it by pressing and holding it for a few moments. The WatchOS 3.0 update will  also enable watch wearers to call 911 in the U.S. and is enabled to work worldwide.

The Apple Watch will dial the local emergency call number depending on the country you are in. You will be able to talk directly from your Watch and there would be no need for your iPhone then. The calls could be connected over cellular or Wi-Fi network; whichever is available first at that moment.

  1. Quicker Replies

Reducing the number of taps required to perform a simple task on the Watch has been a major concern for users. Therefore, Apple has thoroughly redesigned its app interface in the WatchOS 3.0 update. Consequently Apple Watch users won’t need to click the reply button to respond to a received message.

Instead, three quick reply buttons will sit right below the received message. First, one will let you send a voice message and the second will let you send an animated emoji. The third one is enabled to send your heartbeat.

Watch owners will also be able to send written message by scrolling down and typing the message.


  1. Unlock your Mac

Along with WatchOS 3.0, Apple also launched the macOS Sierra. Apple has included this feature in both the OS that will let you unlock your MacBook with just your Apple Watch.

Passwords are a thing of past now. Your Mac will be ready to use as soon as you wake it up while wearing the Watch. For this feature to work, you will need Apple Watch with WatchOS 3.0 and macOS Sierra on your MacBook.

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