Since its release, the Apple Watch has immeasurably raised the profile of smartwatches and gone on to be the market leader.  Apple has not released any official figures on the number of Apple Watches it has shifted since the device’s release and analysts estimates range from around 3.5 to over 10 million units.

Whatever the actual number of Apple Watch owners is, the fact is Apple’s claims of an all day battery life on the Apple Watch may not apply to all these users. That estimation is based on average usage over 18 hours, but if you rely on your smartwatch a lot and are a heavy user, you may need to watch your battery usage, or invest in a portable charger.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help you extend the battery life of your Apple Watch:

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Tip 1: Start With the Right Watch Face

Since all Apple Watches use the AMOLED display technology, users can take full advantage of the way it functions and choose from a variety of colourful designs as their watch face. The best option to preserve battery life is to and choose a watch face that’s mostly black, because it will save you a lot of power (the black color uses the least energy when drawn on the watch)

Also, focus on avoiding animated watch faces, as well as turning down the brightness when you don’t need your watch to be lit up.

Tip 2: Make the most of the Apple Watch’s Power Reserve mode

The Apple Watch has a feature called Power Reserve mode. Whenever your watch’s battery reaches a critically low point, that mode will prompt you to turn it on, so you can save up a lot of battery – some claim it can extend your watch’s most basic functionality (giving you the current time) for 72 hours.

It’s a pretty good mode when you just want your Apple Watch to function like an actual watch. But still, you can always trigger this mode on your own by holding down the side button, and then by sliding across the Power Reserve option.

Tip 3: Cut Down on the use of your Apple Watch’s Speakerphone

Apple Watch battery lifeTaking calls on your Apple Watch (or any other smartwatch for that matter) is definitely a cool feature to have, but each voice call you take will shorten the battery life of your Apple Watch. To make it more clear, 18 hours of battery life are equivalent to only three hours of talking, so unless your iPhone is far away from your reach, cut down on the use of this feature and avoid using your Apple Watch to answer calls.

Tip 4: Say No to Animations

Other than some of the most familiar watch faces, you can find an abundance of other animations that drain your Apple Watch’s battery. Luckily, there are two options on your iPhone that can turn off those unwanted battery suckers.

Using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to General -then Accessibility. The first option is called „Reduce Transparency“, which gets rid of those transparent special effects, and the other one is called „Reduce Motion“, which turns off some other UI animations. Believe us, once you get used to the lack of those special effects, you won’t even miss them.

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Tip 5: Take it easy with the Notifications

Last, but not least, notifications are one of the things that make any smartwatch worth its weight on your wrist. And an Apple Watch addict can easily be seen swiping away and reading their notifications, all of which are popping out on their wrists. But these consume both precious time and battery life.

The feature that eats your watch’s battery the most is a sequence of constant signals that use Bluetooth to connect the watch to your iPhone, which leads to your watch lighting up whenever you receive an e-mail or other notifications. In fact, with their frequency, emails are on of the biggest causes of battery drain on the Apple Watch.

The worst thing however, is turning on the Show Alerts option, which actually never stops the syncing process between the watch and the iPhone. We strongly suggest turning that option off, or even better – turning off all unneeded notifications on your Apple Watch.

So there you have it, the above five tips may not make your Apple Watch’s battery last an eternity still, but they are a good place to start in making your battery last longer.